Three Year Degree Course In Commerce B Com

In commerce degree , a student has to take three optional subject. The choice in only in EAFM or Vocational Computer.


  1. ABST - Accountancy and Business Statistics
  2. BM - Business Management
  3. EAFM - Economic and Financial
  4. Management / Vocation Computer


  1. English / Hindi
  2. Environment Studies (EVS)
  3. Elementary Computer


There is wide scope for commerce graduates in Banking , Insurance , Taxation, Financial and Business Managements. The Indian nation is growing fast in all these fields. The student can chose any of these sectors, more over woman are preferred in these sector. One can go for CA & C.S. and MBA. Self entrepreneurships is on open field for every commerce graduate. Completions for IAS , IRS, RAS etc can also be tried successfully.


+ 2 pass with commerce / Arts / Science discipline. The students coming from non commerce stream will have to pass additional 2 subjects i.e.
i) Business Studies and Banking
ii) Books Keeping

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